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Kimbrough & Associés

Paris, France

Oil & Gas:

Our firm's experience includes transactions, involving concessions and joint ventures, as well as dispute resolution, in relation to oil and gas.

Examples of Matters Relating to Oil & Gas:

  • Representation of a European petroleum company in an ICC arbitration involving claims of several hundred million U.S. dollars, involving analysis of oil concession agreement granted by a Central American government to a North American company and of related agreements further subdividing rights thereunder and operating agreement governing exploration and development.
  • In-depth comparative study of oil concession and operating agreements to determine oil operation obligations and responsibilities.
  • Review of obligations regarding construction, maintenance and public use of road and pipeline infrastructure.
  • Participation in preparation of an opinion letter for a major U. S. oil company analyzing petroleum concessions in North Africa.
  • Representation of a multinational in connection with the transfer of Panamanian and Liberian registration certificates of its fleet of oil drilling barges (floating platforms).
  • Representation of a multinational corporation in view of its withdrawal from the Southeast Asian oil industry by means of the sale of its drilling barges and platforms to an Indonesian company; drafting of agreements relevant to this sale.
  • Assistance to an international petroleum services company in the preparation of a joint venture agreement with an Indian entity in view of joint operations in India.