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Kimbrough & Associés

Paris, France

Fashion & Textile Industries

Our firm provides legal advice and representation before tribunals in matters concerning the fashion industry, ranging from distribution and manufacture through intellectual property.

Examples of Matters Relating to the Fashion and Textile Industries :

  • Preparation and negotiation of distribution agreements in the French fashion industry.
  • Suivi d'une société de prêt-à-porter féminin de taille internationale, associée à un groupe allemand, diffusant un produit moyen/haut de gamme auprès d'une très large clientèle en France et à l'export.
  • Defense of a fashion designer in litigation against infringement of its creations.
  • Advice to a major department store in Paris with regard to the transfer to it of rights relating to graphics identifying the store, in the context of a contract with the heirs of the American creator of such graphics.
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts in relation to the formation of a subsidiary for a French multinational.
  • Representation, in the United States, of a designer of luxury leather goods against infringement of its creations.
  • Legal analysis of the transfer of rights relating to logos of a French company.
  • Defense of a fashion model whose image, reproduced from a television advertisement for a well-known French beverage manufacturer, was used without authorization on record album covers and postcards, including negotiation of a settlement agreement.
  • Study, for a cosmetics manufacturer, of the legal feasibility, under European Community law, of the establishment of a distribution network in Europe.
  • Legal analysis of files concerning the acquisition of companies in the fashion industry.
  • Counsel to foreign subsidiaries in the fashion industry.
  • Advice and litigation before the Prud'hommes and commercial courts, concerning assistance to franchisers and to their network of franchisees.