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Business Law - Corporate

Examples of our activities in Business Law in the following areas:

Environmental Issues

Our firm's activity in this area includes the provision of advice regarding applicable European regulations, as well as the conduct and/or supervision of audits to determine compliance with such regulations.

Examples of Matters Relating to Environmental Issues :

  • Supervision and coordination of an audit of EC regulations (both in force and proposed) concerning land-use liability.
  • Audit of compliance of a metal smelting company's facilities with environmental regulations.
  • Study of "Green point" regulations (France, Germany, EC) for packaging recycling.
  • Advice on liability for large-scale environmental damage by a multinational corporation (international regulations, jurisdiction, applicable law).
  • Coordination of a due diligence review by specialized engineering consultants of environmental risks related to the acquisition of a French aluminum can manufacturing plant as part of an overall evaluation of legal risks involved in acquisition of the French operations.
  • Analysis of the environmental impact of incidents at a chemical plant in connection with the sale of the French pharmaceutical subsidiary of a French-based multinational in the compressed-air industry.
  • Advice to industrial client in connection with a dual rain water evacuation network to be connected to the urban network, in light of a fellow user's claim that excess drainage occurred before authorization to connect the industrial site to the network was granted by the authorities.
  • Advice in connection with an agreement between industrial client and a service provider to de-pollute water table (nappes phréatiques), including particular attention to termination and price revision provisions.
  • Analysis in connection with prior administrative approval to shut down and sell an industrial site and to related required de-pollution measures and guaranties to purchaser.