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Kimbrough & Associés

Paris, France

Practice Areas - Business Law - Corporate, Structure, Financial, Environmental and Labor

Examples of our activities in Business Law in the following areas:

Business Law and Assistance to Foreign Companies in France

Our firm acts as general counsel in France to corporations in relation to their day-to-day activities, as well as in one-off transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, providing advice and handling matters in a variety of areas, including local labor relations and immigration.

Examples of Matters Relating to Business Law and Legal Assistance to Companies in France :

Business Law :

  • Provision of services as "General Counsel for France" to a number of multinational corporations, including corporate secretarial functions (documentation and filings).
  • Assistance in connection with corporate reorganizations.

Business / Economic Law:

  • Representation of a large European corporate group in negotiations with clients, various foreign corporate competitors or equipment suppliers, of agreements for coordinated research for the improvement and development of new products or technology, drafting of preliminary agreements and analysis of intellectual property and antitrust issues.
  • Representation of a French company in setting up a strategic worldwide alliance between such company and a Japanese group, including planning and preparation of the various agreements involved, due diligence and analysis of economic and intellectual property aspects at the international level.

Immigration :

  • Securing work permits for foreign executives employed by French companies.
  • Securing residence permits and related visas for foreign executives.
  • Securing "Merchant's Card" (Carte de commerçant) and related visas for foreign executives of SA or SARL companies.
  • Assistance and consultations regarding changes of immigration status.