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Scope of our experience in Dispute Resolution:

Complex Construction and Energy Arbitration

Experience in international arbitration, involving oil and gas, minerals, infrastructure projects, government contracts, corporate and joint-venture issues, public tenders in the rail and communications industries, finance, mergers and acquisitions and international construction projects (involving the rights and obligations of owners, developers, public bodies, architects, engineers and designers). These projects ranged in value from several million to one billion US dollars.

As regards international oil and gas arbitrations, either as arbitrator or as party-apointed counsel, we have devoted more than four professional man-years over several decades to international arbitration in the oil and gas sector, ranging from a few million to $ 600 million. These arbitrations focused on in-depth analysis of oil concession agreements in North Africa, Central America and China, production sharing agreements, partnership agreements, joint operating, exploration development agreements, rwork involving construction, road, pipeline and drilling obligations.

In addition, we have assisted multinational companies in the oil and gas industry in negotiating and drafting transnational commercial contracts for wireline services, sales of drilling assets in Southeast Asia and transfer of Panamanian and Liberian registration certificates for oil rigs and to establish petroleum companies in India.

Experience in energy matters involving obligations under Farmin agreements, production sharing agreements, offshore production agreements, exploration and development agreements, including offshore.

Participant in a team representing an international group in the nuclear sector in the preparation of the breif on damages in an ICC arbitration involving a claim with a value of approximately 1,000,000,000 Euros against a Middle Eastern State under long-term contracts for the financing, construction, operation and co-ownership of a uranium enrichment and electrical power infrastructure project, involving management of the nuclear enrichment plant and the electricity exchange.