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Kimbrough & Associés

Paris, France


Scope of our experience in Dispute Resolution:

Litigation before National and International Tribunals


  • Represented a Tunisian company before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the context of an appeal against a decision rendered by the supreme court of a European State against an arbitral award.
  • Assistance to clients in obtaining testimony and other evidence in France for use before national jurisdictions outside France under the Hague Convention of 1970.
  • Representing the interests of an Indian bank providing a bond for a cargo of coffee beans in a dispute with US Customs, as a result of the seizure of cargo under US quota regulations.
  • Assistance to and representation of a French company before the commercial court and a court of appeal in a dispute involving the dissolution of two joint subsidiaries with foreign companies concerning in particular the contractual and legal aspects of the French and European Community Competition Regulations.
  • Representation of a buyer before French courts in a product liability case against a foreign manufacturer and a French distributor of industrial robotics.
  • Representation of a buyer before French courts in a product liability case against a European manufacturer of industrial packaging equipment.
  • Representation of a French company in a case of contract non-performance before French courts against several companies involving digital technology and its applications.
  • Consultations on conflicts of jurisdictions under French law and on the execution of judgments on behalf of companies and individuals.
  • Representation of foreign companies and persons before French courts for the enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments.